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Martin Mac III Profiles now in inventory.

Martin MAC III Profile

We now have 16 Martin MAC III Profiles available for touring, rentals, and events.
The MAC III Profile offers a perfect balance between a superior feature list and ultimate performance. This high-output profile spot combines a new 1500 watt lamp technology with superb optical efficiency, a new design and great feel to take moving head performance to a higher level.

Lab.Gruppen PLM series now available.

LAB.GRUPPEN PLM series now available.

We have added the PLM series amplifiers from LAB.GRUPPEN to our list of available resources. Currently racked as monitor or main systems. PLM 14000 will be added when available.
Powered Loudspeaker Management (PLM) has revolutionized live event audio with its seamless fusion of Lake processing – the touring standard worldwide – with an amplifier platform based on the extraordinary power density, sonic purity, and proven reliability of Lab.gruppen’s flagship FP+ Series.

New Martin LC Panels and Martin Maxedia Pro media servers!

Martin LC Panels.

Mid-America Sound has purchased Martin LC Series LED panel system and Maxedia Pro media servers. The LC Series is a semi-transparent, modular system of LED panels, perfect for displaying video and images. Designed for stage shows, TV studios and other commercial applications, the LC closely integrates light, video and set design, offering entirely new possibilities for staging. 40 mm pixel pitch (seamless image at about 30m), Extremely bright, 1800 NITs (cd/m2), Genlock feature for preventing light-flicker in TV applications, Units can be evenly joined for a seamless image.

Offering an intuitive plug-and-play digital media solution for the most advanced applications including TV shows, concert touring shows and industrial events, Maxedia Pro offers the Maxedia software in a powerful, road-proven system designed for powerful video and animation playback and real-time manipulation. 20 x 3D engine layer, Effect plug-ins and pixel mapping